Most days I still feel like that girl with her whole life in front of her, no idea when she’s going to tell her parents about her boyfriend, eating ramen and hoping her career will be worth the excessive amount of work she’s doing now. Never knowing the future, but hoping, and trying to be practical.

I looked at my facebook profile today and felt this surreal sense of ageing.


There it is.

My life in a nutshell.

I’m finally public about my relationship. I’m finally an established software engineer, after paying my dues at GT.


Yet so very real.


Between my life, my career move,  ,my business, Jeremy’s new job, combining homes, getting married,  I’ve found I’m someplace pretty magical.
I gripe sometimes but it’s very much like griping about getting magic faerie dust in your eyes when you’re missing the point that holy crap faeries are real!


I could probably die now & it be just fine.

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    1. <3 Thanks Sana! You've been witness to it all the last 15 years! So happy to have you as my friend!!!!!

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