The way I fell in love with this state, youd think I was born to live there. Maybe Im just an ocean girl deep inside. An ocean girl and a city girl. I guess Ill have to live in Miami one day.

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    1. I am quite certain that once we are in Australia, I will be alone while you and Shruti get back to doing the romance dance. LOL!!!

      Although, a trip to Australia sounds so ballin’. The scenery is supposed to be amazing! And you can tell me everything since you’ve done it already!

      1. Did I mention that they have 5 weeks of law mandated paid leave every single year?

        1. Yeah. I will be getting 4 weeks next year of paid leave. :) And in a couple years, hopefully unlimited weeks of paid leave with my business in tow! haha.

          1. 4 weeks awesomeeeeeeeeeee business awesomeeeeeeee but both of you can move to australia too for manly muscular wilderness adventures and then BEACH AND CITY AND THEN TAHITI…bring your business along

          2. LOL. Well.. assuming you need a wedding photographer for your wedding… and it might be in Australia… :) :)

  1. Too soon to think about that but hey that would be nice…I will make lots of funny faces

    1. :)we will mehendhi your chest in secret.. and at the end of the wedding you should tear off your suit in hulk fashion and run off with the fair maiden!

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