Okay these colors were cray cray.



It was like walking through an enchanted wood. And everything was on fire.


It gives me the shivers looking at these photos. :)

This entire week will likely be fall photos. I have oh nearly a thousand in store. :)

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  1. Very pretty. I’m jealous. Wishing we were in Georgia enjoying the beautiful Fall colors. I haven’t seen Fall for over 15 years. Living in Florida stinks. Praying about a move to Georgia in the Spring.

    1. Yikes! Well … I’ll be honest… if I didn’t have family and friend ties so strong here in Atlanta, I would loooooove to live in Florida. I am a warm weather, beaches person. Every vacation I spend there … and I spend at LEAST 2 per year there .. I think about how nice it’d be to live there. The kayaking and watersports… I would be all about that.

      How about we just trade houses? Haha.

      If you all visit, you and Jay should say hello. I don’t live very far at all from Tom & Meghan. I always enjoy meeting other photographers and their families. :-) Esp ones that give me crap on twitter. :-) :-)

  2. We’re hoping to come up to Georgia Christmas week. We have friends who live in Dallas. We’ll be checking out areas in Marietta and the surrounding areas to see which area will be best for our family. So maybe we can plan something then. We’ll have to get a hold of Tom & Meghan as well. :-)

    1. Well, my mum’s a real estate agent who works in that area if you’re looking for some advice. They actually live in East Cobb/Roswell and have lived there for 20 years and she knows the area really well.

      She would be good with just giving you her friendly advice even if you guys have another agent already.

      Unfortunately, I will be on the other side of the world Christmas week but maybe after you guys decide to move up here or drop into our state. :)

  3. We’ll keep your mom in mind. Give us her number.

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