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  1. EXTREME BLUEBERRIES…nice use of carbonated drinks…now put in some body parts…only the exciting ones…like lips…or toys…bears, cars, action figures, you can create whole underwater scenes, the IMAGINATION RUNS WILD.

    1. That’s a great idea. You know, rainbows are all the rage now. I need bright rainbowy things!

      1. What do you mean rainbows are all the rage? *tries hard not to look at deviantart to confirm your statement* But that inspires me, what if we shot light through those bubbles…like focused beans of light to create……OMG LASERed bubbles…

        1. Not only would that be ridiculous, it would be awesome. Well lasers are out of the question for obvious optical reasons. But… hmm.. must think about it. :D

          And yes, the evidence is at dA..

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