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Kyoto Day One

Guys, Japan was amazing! I had such a different experience of it than I had imagined and I honestly can’t wait to plan a return trip. The roughest part of the journey was definitely the 14 hour direct flight. I might pick a flight with a break in it on the west coast, next time.

Once we did arrive in Japan, the train experience was comfortable, convenient, and clearly communicated. Also it was on time – like on the second. How amazing! Continue Reading

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A New York Minute

New York City is my favorite set of skyscrapers, beating hearts, and busy streets.  I always feel at home here mingled inbetween many strangers’ shoulders – peering through the outlines of their necks and scarves for the next street sign. I came her with my mentee from work and while the work hours were stressful, the evenings were an were like an old friend’s embrace.

Here are the things that stood out to me on this trip. Continue Reading



Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

I’m so excited – we booked tickets to Japan for April! This will be our longest flight and biggest international trip since Switzerland back in 2016. Jeremy and I are so, so excited. We have a lot going on this spring and it’ll be so good to punctuate it with this trip! Can’t wait!!!

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Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash

Well – we have another thing happening here in our family – I am now the person making a shift in her career. I will start a new job in November – with some old friends. I’m going to miss my friends at my current office – but I know real friendships transcend the workplace where you met and I am looking forward to hanging out with these guys in Atlanta in the future. So, with this change, I have a week off in between jobs. I want to travel to at least one international destination this year and this is my chance! So we have booked flights to Aruba!  Guys, I am so excited! It’s gotten pretty cold here already so I know in a couple weeks I’m not going to complain about sticking my feet in some south Caribbean sand.  I have also promised myself to USE my drone!! The poor thing has been pretty neglected since I bought it. Stay tuned for some beachy pics – and some aerials too!

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Colorado National Monument

After spending a day or so at Maroon Bells, we headed west towards the border of Utah – to see the sights around Grand Junction.  The landscape slowly turned from evergreens and aspens lining jagged ridges to plateaus and mesas – glowing red in the afternoon sun. Continue Reading

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Colorado I-70 West

It’s hard to believe a month has passed already since we were exploring Colorado’s landscape. Colorado’s outdoorsy good looks starts as soon as you leave Denver and go West.  The following section is from the 3 hour drive from Denver to Snowmass. It was geological eye candy. Continue Reading

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

We checked off a bucket list item in Colorado: the hot air balloon!  We got up super early on our first night back in Denver towards the end of the trip and drove to Boulder to fly up along the Flatirons.

The weather was perfect. I learned a lot about how hot air balloons work ( they’re not actually that full of hot air! ). Takeoff was easy –  the hardest part being just hoisting yourself into the basket. It was a smooth flight and a very comfortable temperature. We got a solid hour flight – with lots of great views and some photos I’ll enjoy forever.

At the end, when it was time to land, we landed a couple of fences over from where we wanted to and our pilot hopped out of the basket. We made it to the right field with my help because I got to “step on the gas” a few times with the fire to help us float over the fences. That was super exciting for me.

We had a great time and couldn’t stop smiling.

check out our balloon photos
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USAF Academy Cadet Chapel

Architecture is one of the sweetest highlights of every trip we take.  This trip we decided to visit the Air Force Cadet Chapel in Colorado Springs.  It’s pretty striking from the outside with it’s sharp lines and futuristic visage.  Continue Reading

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Flight to Colorado

Our flight from Atlanta to Denver was rerouted through Texas and New Mexico before heading north to Denver because of local storms. It meant our flight landed about an hour later but it also meant we arrived in Colorado during a beautiful sunset with some dramatic stormclouds. I was really thrilled to use my new 16-35mm lens with an ND filter thrown on top to help handle some of the high contrast. The results? Stunning.

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