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    Living in the state of Georgia is like having a bipolar girlfriend. When times should be bleary, dark and cold, she will suddenly provide unexpected sunshine to remind you why you love…

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    Jeremy and I went up to the blue ridge mountains for the weekend with our small group! I enjoyed the drive there and back. The road was framed by such beautiful fall…

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    Westside Market

    Westside Market is one of my favorite places to spend an evening in Atlanta. Paz & Cam joined Jeremy & I for some excellent tacos and a little wandering around the district.…

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    I love the color this Chameleon took on when coming over to check us out. If I wanted a nice display pet, It’d be something like this! :)…

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    Grocery Textures

    Iget inspired at times during the most mundane of tasks. I was at Publix and noticed the textures of everything as I meandered past. All I had on me was my phone,…

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    Settles Bridge

    Myself , Jeremy and his sister Lindsay went to Settles Bridge Park to spend this crisp fall day. The hours are short so anytime we can get outside, we take advantage of!…

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    Henry came to visit .. And to be our groomsmen back in September. We all got together and headed to westside where the awesome trees are. I love that place. Beautiful light…