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    This Too Shall Pass

    I was pondering over my buffalo chicken wings today. There won’t be any more wings after I eat this last one. Oddly it felt like a very profound thought. All things in a…

  • Life

    UNDY for Sanjay

    This weekend my family ran the UNDY race for my cousin Sanjay. Thanks to all of your donations, we raised about $1700 dollars and placed 5th overall for money raised. I am…

  • Life

    Pavlok : Day One

    Jeremy and I backed a project back in March called Pavlok. In a nutshell, it gives you an electric shock when you want it to. Here’s how it works.  It’s called ‘Aversion…

  • Life

    UNDY Colon Cancer 5K

    Jeremy and I are running in the Colon Cancer Alliance UNDY​ Run/Walk 5K on the 24th of this month on behalf of  my cousin, who is more like a brother, Sanjay Dharmaraj​…

  • Life

    Thirty & Chicago

    I turned 30 last week! Honestly, I’d been forgetting how old I was and telling people I was 30 all last year so it didn’t feel like much of a change.  I’ve…