Christmas 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This year, it’s also been the most relaxing year for us. We both had two weeks of


I had a wonderful Easter weekend, although it started crummily. I contracted some sort of disease from a coworker and it kept me home for

Twenty Percent

I woke up this morning feeling like trash. One of my coworkers has been coming in hacking and coughing and I think I caught the

Keep Calm & Keto On

I made a small poster for my cubicle wallto help me stay on track at work, where donuts, candy and other goodies are ever present.


About a month ago I posted about how I was in a place where I was trading efficiency, rest and progress for 45 extra minutes on


I’ve successfully filled my life up with a long todo list. Last night I got to bed at 10:30pm for the first time in god


Yes, that’s Atlanta this morning. As of 8am today some people werestill on the roads. My facebook feed is still full of abandoned people all


It's a snow day in Atlanta! Around noon, the snow started to really come down and by 3pm, there were INCHES. [justified_image_grid ids=25122,25123,25124,25125,25126,25127,25128,25129,25130,25131,25132,25133,25134,25135,25136,25137,25138,25139,25140,25141 caption=off mobile_caption=off]