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  • Life

    Looking Up

    A few things have happened lately that has me smiling. First, my husband has turned into an amazing baker.  Jeremy’s always had a great cooking skill and passion within him but the…

  • Life

    Coronavirus Week 3

    I am going to be 100% honest on here. I am of two minds during this Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent effects on the economy. I am grateful. My family has been…

  • A Rainy Night in Osaka Japan

    A Moment Back to Osaka

    Last year, on this day, I was meandering the streets of a wet Osaka, Japan. We had just walked though a rainstorm from the train station and I spied Japanese fashion footwear…

  • Life

    Exercise Routine

    So recently, I started making time instead of making excuses and have been heading to the gym. I’ve been seeing someone to help me with my goals. I thought I was going…

  • Life

    Moved Back

    We are all moved back in and I am in love with my new floors.  That is the most adult thing I’ve probably ever said.  Things change –  I thought I’d never care…

  • Life

    Slowing Down is for Suckers

    I realized a few weeks ago that I have been busy for so long that I actually don’t know what to do with myself when I have some time to myself.  22 year…

  • Life


    Missy had all her teeth extracted on valentine’s day – it was really hard to watch her have to come out from under the influence of the anesthesia.  Once she was cognizant…

  • Life, Photography

    Merry Christmas

    It’s been an absolutely wonderful holiday season so far! Apart from a couple of winter bugs Jeremy and I caught, I can say it’s been pretty great.…

  • Life

    Today I bought a Keyboard

    I’ve wanted to learn how to play the piano for as long as I can remember. The feeling swells within me as I’m writing code and listening to my favorite soundtracks in…