Throwback #004

Have you sensed that I have been perusing my New York City photos again? I’ve got the itch to go visit. Bad. I want to

Throwback #002

Reprocessing this old photograph for Throwback Thursday editing stirred up something. This photo was taken in 2009, the week of July 4th. We were up

Miriam Bryant

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text] I had gotten tired of my Spotify playlist for work and was scooting around their database trying to find something new to tickle


One of my favorite things about my trip to Ashveille was the home we stayed in. We decided, after a little deliberation, to forego the


Did you fly kites as a kid? I have a funny story. I remember flying kites on a trip back to India. We were on

Icona Pop

Icona Pop — What can I say about this duo? They’re intense, they areyoung, they arepromoting heavy bass, wild lyrics and a excellent set of

My favorite is definitely the whiskey. ;) So many memories..and not memories! haha.


Myself and J got a lot of gifts. Our friends definitely have some class in the drinks department.


So what have I been doing since the 21st of December? On the 22nd, I contracted God knows what after a day out with my


Iím just going to save myself thought and name every post India. Maybe. Iíve been here three days now. The time is flying much like


I started noticing some random links appearing all over my pages and posts but ONLY in my RSS feed. I did a little digging and