V. Maggio

Veronica Maggio’s voice is soft, a muse-like melody floating into your ears. Her gypsy-like undertones mixed with a general bump from the european lounges make


I was perusing a list of artists related to deadmau5 when I came across Ellie Goulding. The soft british voice mixed with some synth and


As an artist as well as an engineer I work hard and I work often. I can work for hours while still allowing my mind


Man, this is some seriously industrial noise. What the hell is the girl even saying. Do I care? No. I like the monster sounds and

Sure Thing

It’s been a really long time since I’ve heard a good song with some fairly original lyrics. Miguel really nails it with his sweet song


Man I’m really getting into this techno-ish dubsteppy thing that’s happening this decade. Latest love? Bounce by Calvin Harris. Check it out on Spotify, Youtube or Grooveshark.


Nero is my latest dubstep discovery.  This London based duo have produced a song that could be mistaken for being produced in the 80’s.  The drone


I was browsing some new releases yesterday when I picked up on a very similar sound in one of them. Remember when I posted about

Where Dem Girls At

Oh man Spotify. You make my life complete. I CANT STOP DANCING AT WORK. Also David Guetta & Benny Benassi … how I never expected you

I need a Dollar

I started listening to some Aretha Franklin last week and got into a funky kinda mood. That’s when I discovered Aloe Blacc. He’s got a

Time of my Life

So, like everyone else, I love spotify. I got to listening to  Time of My Life ( listen here ), the latest album release from

Classical Gas – Piano

This is an old favorite of mine, played excellently on the piano. I’ve been itching to learn how to play the piano. I feel like