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Just For Fun

Friday Finds

Man it’s time for another Friday Finds! Are you ready for a week of epic items from the interwebz? In light of major outages like the crash and burn of both Amazon Cloud services and PSN, I am here to save the day (and bring a little cheer) ! No Friday Finds outage!  Enjoy my latest curated list from the internet menagerie!

An amazing dog photographer. Check out his photos!

Nomura Jellyfish. They can get pretty dang huge.

You’ve heard of Angry Birds. Now check out Angry Nerds!

Age old discussion: Are you a Mac or a PC? Check out this sweet infographic and see where you fall.

Wedding rings. Promise rings.  Emoticon rings?

Smart kid.

Lovely Earth Day  (today!) watercolor painting.

Awesome 76 year old Photoshop guru fixes old photos for free.

Some crazy shoes. I know some women out there would love a pair of  one of these.

Foreign dads. Total win.

Mythbusters embroidered portraits.  ’nuff said.

Of all the crazy things I do,  sitting may be the most dangerous.

I think I’ve found myself in this endless loop before.

Old school LAN party!

Considering I don’t give a shiz about shoes normally, these really intrigued me.

Babies drinking liquor.

And today’s Quick Meme? Engineering Professor. I can’t tell you how many of these are soooooooooooo true!


Just For Fun

Friday Finds

Yeah I know I’ve been slacking on the FF’s but geez people. I have a life okay?!
That last statement may come into question after you check out the internet goodness I’ve been stockpiling.

Why wait to throw my reputation into question. Are you a star wars fan? A zelda fan? This is for you.

If you can’t be a superhero, you can sure try to DIY yourself into one.

Do you need to pick up some hot guys at your local taco bell or burger king?

So do you like using firefox with single or multiple tabs?

Oh man I never get tired of memes. Check out Lame Pun Coon, and the rest of his lame but totally hilarious (at least to me) puns.


They say money doesn’t grow on trees but I didn’t really expect these to either.

Sometimes you’re so talented the media doesn’t matter.

And I love me a racist joke now and then.

I’m starting to rethink wanting to work for an “innovative” new startup.

And that’s it for this week’s FF’s.
See you all next week. If I don’t get lazy. Again. :)

Just For Fun

Fav Meme: Paranoid Parrot

One of my favorte memes is Paranoid Parrot if only because I have honestly done quite a lot of the things it describes as being paranoid.  Here are a few that definitely applied to me or I have done at least once in my life. All images are linked from one of my favorite meme repositories, quickmeme.

Paranoid Parrot - car behind me takes the same turn i do i..

I have no idea why I freak out about this.  Probably because I watch way too much SVU.

Paranoid Parrot - turn off the lights in basement run the ..

This is the result of my father watching way too many syfy shows around me about a aliens and ghosts when I was 8.


Paranoid Parrot - set alarm clock alarm on phone alarm on ..

If I have an important meeting, presentation, anything I’d rather just stay up all night than chance missing it.

Paranoid Parrot - heard a noise burglar

This one got to me the first 3 months after I got my own place. Haha.

Paranoid Parrot - lose internet connection oh god they cau..

Yeah. This because I got caught downloading the Mr. Bean movie in college.  Of all the things to get caught for…

Paranoid Parrot - you cant remember where you parked stole..

I have no idea who in their right mind would want to steal my car but I still wonder after 5 minutes in a large parking lot.

Paranoid Parrot - see car one mile away wait to turn

This was me when I let my license expire on accident and before I got to go renew.

Paranoid Parrot - person sitting next to me is three quest..

This was a big one until I realized all asian people aren’t brainiac achievers and let myself slow down a bit. But this was definitely me until about 2nd year of college.

Got a favorite meme or a paranoid parrot idea?

Just For Fun

Friday Finds

Sorry about the complete lack of content again this week. I’ve been so busy and I really needed a mental day off last night!  However,  I have a few things in the works for you lovely readers including more actions, a new tutorial on simulated lighting, and more of my latest photography work.

But, lets move on to Friday Finds! This week I’ve curated some really fun stuff for you!   :)

Hey dad, can I have some money for coke?

I generally don’t support assault as an option for conflict resolution, but in this case, lady, I understand.

You don’t always have to pay a lot of money to have a unique, eyecatching ride.

Idaho. Not afraid of gorillas.

It’s okay. Really. Put down the controller and go outside. Or risk being this guy.

Check out this new edition of Rock Band!

Remember Hipster Ariel from the last FF post? Now there’s Judgemental Bookseller Ostrich!

What a real snowpocalypse looks like!

Genius anti-smoking ad.

PBS is in trouble and this is why we should save it.

OMG absolute truth about cats.


So, got anything interesting from the internet to share with me today?

Just For Fun

Friday Finds

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for another Friday Finds!  Enjoy this random collection of internet goodness for your entertainment, handpicked by me!

So… do you see one Wolverine or two Batmen?

The segway is getting some competition!

Lessons you should learn from fairy tales vs. lessons you could learn from fairy tales.

I love creative graffiti on official signage.

If you’re married to a software engineer, you may have this problem one day.

You shouldn’t cheat. But if you do, do it right.

There’s a lot of awesome words in this article, but the premise is that there might be a kind of friction in a vacuum!

This guy’s ship pretty much defines awesome.

How do you compare to the average faces of women from different regions?

Could I get an oompa loompa please?

When in doubt, kill all witnesses. All of them.

Ever wondered whose portrait House has on his desk?

Also, I think I have found my favorite meme this week. It’s called Hipster Ariel, and it started with this:

Just For Fun

Friday Finds

It’s that time! Friday finds is my little tour of last week’s internet meme’s, trends, and events I came across that I thought you, my reader, would find interesting or amusing.
Here’s this week’s internet lessons for the masses.

  1. Protesting your internet outage is a lot more awesome when you decide to get all geektastic with it.
  2. When your son wants to be Darth Vader, you should indulge him.
  3. The children of today are totally going to miss out on one of our generations’ greatest parent enraging activities.
  4. This guy knows exactly how to classify time.
  5. Parenting involves some lying.
  6. A good example of why metered internet is stupid.
  7. You gotta be a pokemon fan to appreciate this one.
  8. Sometimes you try and break world records, sometimes your spleen does.
  9. Never
    question a drunk
  10. Oh snap, Lindsay Lohan just got own’d.
  11. Someone’s got a bad case of sour grapes.
  12. We are going to start seeing more fat koreans.
  13. Where the ladies at?
  14. Need a cute AND healthy way to give out valentines?
  15. Why am I not suprised that this guy is an indian?

What manner of awesome did you find this week on the internetz?

Just For Fun

Friday Finds

The Internets is a big smorgasbord of stuff. And it can be quite educational.  I’m going to try to share with you every Friday the wonderful knowledge the internets has bestowed upon me that week.  Here’s this week’s lessons.

Always start mondays reading stuff like 10 Simple Truths Smart People Forget and a good way to start off every monday for the next year.

Atlanta didn’t see insane snow. This snow phenomenon is even crazier.

Sometimes you do your job.  Sometimes you need a new profile pic.  Here’s an epic intersection of priorities.

The abortion issue is old, old, old but a little girl pointed out something I hadn’t thought of as part of  her school assignment.

Technology is awesome. But without batteries it makes the future stupid.

Sometimes you just don’t wait on the medical industry to provide a solution for you and get your hands dirty instead.

This guy wasn’t ready for what was going to come back and bite him in the rear. Literally.

The SOTU was this week. Apart from chuckling at the theme of Winning The Future (WTF) you can compare word choice from different presidents during their State of the Unions in convenient tag cloud format!

Pretty sure most of you don’t care but this trending spring palette thrills me.

You can’t always believe what your daddy tells you about candy.

It’s not the best idea to try and reanimate your dead roomate with gasoline and electricity….

Dad knows best about Columbia

Try not to be a terrorist on major holidays.

Weddings are Dumb

Don’t you feel smarter? So, fellow internet surfers, what did the internet teach you this week?