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Thank You

This comic really struck a chord with me today! Numerous people have said these words to me and I have never had a good response. How could I even convince such a condescending person that I experience my world around me in greater detail than they ever will. Photography is how I preserve so many amazing memories, small and big joys, and my day to day because I sure don’t have the kind of memory that recalls details at that level! Thanks xkcd!!!


Just For Fun


I got my second Birchbox in the mail today! The first one was so excitement inducing I took it apart and used the stuff before I could do an ‘unboxing’. Birchbox The little brown box comes once a month and at $10 dollars / month it is very reasonably priced compared to most monthly sample subscriptions.Birchbox I love the olive green nail polish. It dries pseudo matte and matches most of my fall green colored stuff. Birchbox Blush! Three different color samples to try. Birchbox Day and night moisturizer. There’s enough in here for at least two applications. IMG_0402-Edit   A little Shampoo and conditioner sample! I put these away for travel time! Birchbox Is it $10 worth of product? Just about!  It’s a cute set of items to try and I love getting surprised once a month. :) Considering purchasing a Birchbox sub? Use my referral link! :)

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Election Day

Election Day has come and gone and we have kept our president the same.  Most of my friends are rejoicing, most of my coworkers are depressed and life goes on. I decided to go to boot camp where I totally screwed up my left elbow! This made me feel better this morning.  :) It’s President Elmo on the phone with the pentagon.


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I love Popsicolor! It’s the latest tool in my little iPhone artbox. I think it provides beautiful results given the right input file. It is a bit picky! I find that  it’s easier on the program, and lends you more control if you make the photo black and white and control the levels before you hand it over to Popsicolor.

I think these would make some fun prints!  Here are the Marriott Marquis and a rack of ties that have been run through the process.


Just For Fun


You can learn a lot from video games. They teach you how to produce strategy even when you start playing with no idea how a system works yet. From the first cheap equipment you purchase, you’re already calculating damage, defense and your party’s strengths and weaknesses.

You also learn not to run with the hype. Say hello to Samvati, the character I’m playing in Diablo III.

Samavati is special. She’s the second incarnation of who I wanted to be in this game. I had bought heavily into the hype that the Wizard was the best class to play. With high DPS and swift movement, she was supposed to be the winner of all the classes, much like in Diablo II.  Why wouldn’t I be a wizard? So I actually started out with ‘Sunira’ (original, right?) the wizard. I was alright as a wizard. I spent time researching and configuring her weapons and armor and making sure her build would work for me as well as for a team.

But by the time I was nearing the end of Hell difficulty, I was just dying all over the place. I kept getting killed by monsters that got close and just destroyed me.  The wizard automatically takes almost 30% more damage than the monk simply because they also do more damage than the monk. They’re supposed to be powerful and swift from afar and my playing style just didn’t match.  I found myself in the middle of battle freezing enemies and doing major damage but the weakness of defense for the wizard, regardless of how much I focused on vitality as a second focus to intelligence, made me a bad player for her.

I died. A lot.

There was nothing wrong with the wizard. There was something wrong with how I played her. She didn’t reflect my style and I was trying to box myself into a character that wasn’t fit for me.

For fun, I decided to try the “underpowered” monk which after a little analysis appeared to lend itself my playing style. The monk is more of a team player with team-affecting mantras and healing but also a heavily physical character. The monk belongs in heat of battle, distracting and destroying the enemies up close so characters like the wizard or witch doctor can do their damage from afar.

I. Loved. Her.

Now everything around me died. A lot.

Samavati was the  foremost disciple in loving kindness and compassion to Buddha. I found it an appropriate name for a monk. Plus it amuses me to think I kill things with flourishes of kindness and compassion.

With Samavati, I didn’t care that I had logged like 60 hours with the wizard already. The monk was such a natural fit that it was a pleasure to play her. Undepowered? That’s a joke when you play with me. I am taking this character to Inferno with no regrets.

It’s a bit of a lesson that I’ve discovered is true of all life. Your abilities don’t always translate to the current social opinion of success.  Don’t try to be CEO of your company unless your strengths lie there. Don’t try to go all freelance to free yourself from the man unless your natural talents will ease you into that kind of life.  You have to take a good hard look at yourself and play the game that makes the most sense to you. You’ll be a hell of a lot happier, make a lot more progress, breathe a little easier, and most importantly, be successful in a way that resonates within you.

“Everybody” knows the hottest profession and the latest success stories.
But you know something about yourself and when you act on your strengths, and delegate your weaknesses, you’re only setting yourself up for the success that matters. :)

Plus you’ll probably look sexier. Just like my monk. ;)

Just For Fun


I’ve never seen a comic so easily sum up my feelings about fall 95% of the time.
It’s a little crass but sooo accurate.

( from theWAREHOUSE, one of my fav webcomics )

Just For Fun

Friday Finds

Hey there people. It’s Friday Finds time. :) Here’s my latest curated list of internet randomness and important news! :)

Today’s sponsoring meme is Compassionate Shark Friend!  I love puns.

Special shout out to @jstone13zero.. see sharks aren’t soooo bad..

On to the linkage!

 You are the worse hacker ever. Especially for being an asian guy!

Most accurate time/ratio graph I have ever seen. :)

My Wednesdays never start out this bad.

Don’t worry about zombies. We are faced with a much smaller brain eating nemesis. No I am not kidding.

Just For Fun

Friday Finds

It has been a long time since the last Friday Finds! I have some interesting things for you. First, to keep with tradition, I present our sponsoring meme: Pickup Line Scientist.

If you’ve ever watched Big Bang Theory, a fav show of mine ever since it came out, this is spot on for Howard Wolowitz.  It made me laugh and laugh.


Now for the rest of Friday Finds!

You think you’ve had a hard test to pass? What about passing the bar exam while in labor?!

They’re putting dual cores in everything these days!

Got a girl in the family that loves her some Mario? I’ve got the perfect accessory…

Trek fans are going to have  a reason to visit the Middle East in the future.

Designer’s take on what the new iPhone could resemble, given the new cases coming out of China.

Perfect t-shirt for a Sushi fan!

You don’t know how big Shaq really is until you see this.

The Holstee Manifesto:

Ostrich pillow lets you sleep at your desk!

This dude made a real batmobile. Jealous!

Check out what grains of sand look like up close.

A 31 year old Swede was arrested for trying to build a nuclear reactor in his apartment. Man, them crazy (awesome) Swedes! :]

I thought red pandas were the cutest things but I think Arctic Fox babies just ousted them.

Some people love their cereal soggy but if that’s not you, check out this awesome idea:


That’s it for this Friday Finds. :) Find anything awesome on the internet? Share in the comments!

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Friday Finds

I have a confession. Friday Finds was meant to be a collection of cool items from throughout the week. What it evolved into was a collection of random stuff from Thursday night that I was specifically compiling for Friday Finds.  To avoid my overly large Thursday trawl though the internet I actually decided to write this post as a draft (gasp) and fill it in as the week went along so you all can have a more awesome package of internet goodness to end your work week.

This week’s Friday Finds is sponsored by the Rasta Science Teacher meme!

You can check out the rest of that absurdity here.

If  you’ve ever been on a hard diet, you might be able to relate to this.
Looks like you can pick up odd jobs using your iPhone now!
Apparently a mark of a successful person is that they make a habit of leaving early.
Who doesn’t want to take an Aston Martin on this?
Dreaming of becoming a real life hero? I have two articles to get you started.
Want to catch up on the Harry Potter stories without spending days re-reading them all? I’ve got the perfect thing for you.
Do you love God? Yes? You dirty cheater.
Here’s a realistic picture of the Spongebob Squarepants crew.  And a realistic picture of Bert, from Sesame street.
This robot clearly didn’t learn Asimov’s 3 Laws.
Two ways to move things with your mind.
My children will all have this photoshoot someday!
I guess some things will never change.
Looks like we finally have some answers on why all our bees are disappearing.
Do you have a sitting job? Well, it’s killing you.
Ah Adam Sandler, you know exactly how I feel.
Don’t you love it when things are taken apart?