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    Thank You

    This comic really struck a chord with me today! Numerous people have said these words to me and I have never had a good response. How could I even convince such a…

  • Birchbox
    Just For Fun


    I got my second Birchbox in the mail today! The first one was so excitement inducing I took it apart and used the stuff before I could do an ‘unboxing’. The little…

  • Just For Fun, Life

    Election Day

    Election Day has come and gone and we have kept our president the same. Most of my friends are rejoicing, most of my coworkers are depressed and life goes on. I decided…

  • Just For Fun


    I love Popsicolor! It’s the latest tool in my little iPhone artbox. I think it provides beautiful results given the right input file. It is a bit picky! I find that it’s…

  • Just For Fun


    You can learn a lot from video games. They teach you how to produce strategy even when you start playing with no idea how a system works yet. From the first cheap…