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  • Art

    Arbitrary Day 2015

    I’ve always been a gift giver. It’s how I most naturally connect with people and show the people closest to me that I love them and am thinking about them. Redditgifts has…

  • Art, Life

    Keep Calm & Keto On

    I made a small poster for my cubicle wallto help me stay on track at work, where donuts, candy and other goodies are ever present. Jeremy and I hit a plateau for…

  • Art


    I am such a packaging junkie. The way something is presented and wrapped is a way for me to show people how much I appreciate them! This weekend I was perusing the…

  • Questioning Quote Wallpaper
    Art, Quotes


    Every now and again I’ll come across a quote that resonates with me and I’ll have to mix it with one of my images to print and put on my cube wall…