So what have I been doing since the 21st of December?

On the 22nd, I contracted God knows what after a day out with my cousins. Three days of epic fever and amazing body aches followed and I spent most of it indoors, in bed, asleep. I haven’t actually recovered my appetite since and have been eating very little. Poor J got me from the airport on New Years Eve and instead of heading straight to a party like I’d hoped, I was carted home and I was asleep at 10:30pm. That’s right, I wasn’t even CONSCIOUS after my 20+ hours in transit overseas for New Years Eve.

I’m still not recovered. Everything feels strange and I feel like I never want to do anything but sleep ever again.
Thankfully, I have work tomorrow and I’ll have to have my wits about me again.

The funniest thing about this entire trip? I could have left both my SLR and my laptop at home considering how much I used either.

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  1. TIL fevers and illnesses go well with weight loss.

    1. They actually do! My waist shrank so much from just not eating! :D But I had fries today. Like a boss!

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