A few friends and I went to the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse this weekend and I got this shot on the way.

Did I mention that I love my iPhone?

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  1. Did I mention I love your iPhone? Also, can you send me that app about photography. I want to learn to use my cam phone like u use yours. Lol.

    1. You mean the article I’m in the process of writing? I have a lot of good information for both Android and iOS. I’m actually going to try and get it published on the envato network so wait a little. :)

  2. Why is there no write up about how awesome zombies are!

    1. Oh Henry, I should.
      It was so awesome! Did you get my MMS I sent you that night?
      It was me… with the generator!!!
      I will make an upcoming post with more details. We weren’t allowed to take ANY photos while we were there so the post would be like.. all words. :p

  3. No I don’t get any kind of text or picture messages any more. My mom blocked it on her line because she was getting spam but she accidentally got it blocked on mine too. She was going to fix it but then I guess she never did. Also I don’t mind reading a wall of text. Its what I am typing up right now.


  4. So on chrome, that wall of text becomes a line of text. :(

      1. I thought that the wallofttext wasn’t big but actually kind of small. It was only like 5 lines but then i clicked submit and BAM. :(

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