chai ingredients
Sleeping Cats
While Jeremy and I embark on a chai adventure, these suckers decide sleeping is more interesting.
chai ingredients
We raided our pantry. All the components for homemade chai are before you!
mortar and pestle
Jeremy fell in love with this mortar and pestle a few weeks ago while shopping. This is the first use we got out of it!
Jeremy didn't measure anything but he did put fairly even amounts in. :)
Jeremy didn’t measure anything but he did put fairly even amounts in. :)
smashed chai ingredients
It looks lovely already.
falling chai
Look at those glorious bits of chai falling into a filter. We went a little modern with the brewing part.
keurig with hot water
This little keurig has been a super handy hot water heater. :)
hot water pouring
Here we go, the hot water is being poured!
chai making jeremy
Here’s my wonderful kitchen scientist! Since this post was written he’s made me chai a few more times!
brewing chai
Letting the chai brew in the teapot for a few minutes.
chai almost ready
This chai is almost ready! Look at that golden color!
Half n Half in Chai
A little half and half goes a long way with chai! I’m used to having milk or cream in my chai.
chai finished product
The chai is complete! The larger cup is mine and jeremy decided to keep his dairy-free. It’s great both ways.

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