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I have a confession. Friday Finds was meant to be a collection of cool items from throughout the week. What it evolved into was a collection of random stuff from Thursday night that I was specifically compiling for Friday Finds.  To avoid my overly large Thursday trawl though the internet I actually decided to write this post as a draft (gasp) and fill it in as the week went along so you all can have a more awesome package of internet goodness to end your work week.

This week’s Friday Finds is sponsored by the Rasta Science Teacher meme!

You can check out the rest of that absurdity here.

If  you’ve ever been on a hard diet, you might be able to relate to this.
Looks like you can pick up odd jobs using your iPhone now!
Apparently a mark of a successful person is that they make a habit of leaving early.
Who doesn’t want to take an Aston Martin on this?
Dreaming of becoming a real life hero? I have two articles to get you started.
Want to catch up on the Harry Potter stories without spending days re-reading them all? I’ve got the perfect thing for you.
Do you love God? Yes? You dirty cheater.
Here’s a realistic picture of the Spongebob Squarepants crew.  And a realistic picture of Bert, from Sesame street.
This robot clearly didn’t learn Asimov’s 3 Laws.
Two ways to move things with your mind.
My children will all have this photoshoot someday!
I guess some things will never change.
Looks like we finally have some answers on why all our bees are disappearing.
Do you have a sitting job? Well, it’s killing you.
Ah Adam Sandler, you know exactly how I feel.
Don’t you love it when things are taken apart?

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