The beautiful ferns are all over the parks near my house.


Iím going to start doing some running on my own. We only get out and run about once a week at boot camp. Iíve improved quite a lot over the last six weeks but I suspect I can do much better. Since I have such heavy exercise M-Th, Iíll probably need to do the extra run on Saturday morning.† By Thursday Iím so sore I really do need a recovery day on Friday. Todayís the day we have assessments and Iíll be able to measure my mile. My goal for my slow self is to get under 10 minutes per mile. Considering† eight weeks ago I could barely run a quarter mile without dying from the pain in my shins, I think Iíve improved quite a lot, which is super exciting. If I can eventually run a 5k at around 28 minutes, I will be super stoked. Iíll be working towards that this whole year!

I realize none of this has anything to do with this picture.† Everyone loves my rambling. Amirite? :)

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