I was browsing some new releases yesterday when I picked up on a very similar sound in one of them.
Remember when I posted about a group I’d come across like Penguin Cafe Orchestra a while back? Well apparently Leona Lewis and Avcii caught on to the addictive little stanza from the song Perpetuum Mobile which I had fallen in love with myself.

While sampling a different artist’s music and adding your own on top has a bad rep with music junkies, I actually enjoy having some of my favorite melodies reframed and overlaid to something different. I don’t think it’s unoriginal or “stealing” really. It’s almost like allowing klangfarbenmelodie in classical music. Almost. :)

Check out Perpetuum Mobile and then listen to Leona Lewis’ Collide. They’re both good songs.

Perpetuum Mobile : Youtube or Spotify

Collide :Youtube or Spotify


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