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I love painting.

I love small things.

So Iím painting on small things. Go figure.

I found these beautiful little canvasses at Hobby Lobby along with something known as ‘Artist Cardsí. Theyíre pretty much small cards made of different mediums for different art. Theyíre 2 x 3 inches and really cute so I had to buy them.

Here are the results of the first canvas, and artist card Iíve painted in the set Iíve bought.


Okay.. fyi.. ďtreeĒ and ďsimple shapeĒ just did not register in my mind. Might redo that one.


The poppies turned out better than I expected. I may not part with this one.

It was totally fun and Iím hoping to show it to a couple people and see if itís good enough to drop into my etsy store. The storeís been dry as a bone lately since I havenít put anything new up or relisted any of my other stuff.

It also rainedÖ which means I was out, as usual, obsessing over my water photography.

spring_03 unsharp_test

And then I bugged my cat with† unnecessary flash in his face while he was trying to sleep.

Aw what a cute bundle of .. cute

Basically, this was my art dose for the week.† Iím pretty much tied up with work, business, and things like taking a bath probably until next Monday.

And I have to think more seriously about grad school. Iím not getting any younger.

It just never ends.

Iíll leave this song I used to love back towards the end of middle school. I listen to it when I get a little overwhelmed with everything. :)

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  • Reply Meghan May 11, 2010 at 10:26 am

    fun! I really like the kitty picture and the poppies painting. Very pretty. =)

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