A Day Out

Every now and then I just have an amazing day out. One of those days where everything wasnít busy as heck, I had a moment to breathe, and I got to run around doing fun things.

Also, I finally got a Sony TX-9 to replace my broken TX-1. I had forgotten how much easier it is to get photos of everything when youíve just got a little point and shoot. I donít like lugging around my big equipment and this little guy is absolutely perfect. Sure, itís a P&S but the performance is pretty badass. There are some shots that would just be impossible with my DSLR in a public setting that I can get away with using this. :) SoÖ hereís a photostory of one of my days!

Duluth Diner, my favorite hangout close to home. The food is always good, and the waitstaff friendly and fast.

Then for a walk at a local farm park. Itís lovely in there. :) Of course, most everything is dead because of winter but itís still good for a walk.

Then it was off to Mozart Cafe to eat something unhealthy and watch the sunset.

The sunset was pretty nice. It was cold so I only went outside to take a couple pictures but the electrical structures gave it a little jazz.

Then, a visit to the Pet Store was next. I love pet stores and especially love the ones that have live animals showcased inside. Check out this Sea Anemone in the saltwater display.

When you have a DSLR and are shooting instore, you look like youíre trying to do something illegal. When you have a point and shoot, nobody gives a crap. Itís awesome.

And this molly, so inquisitive! All the mollies Iíve ever owned have been very intelligent.

Neons are delightful. A tankful of only these and itís still amazing to watch them move in sync.

And then I found myself in a comic book store. I didnít think these still really existed but they do! Complete with dungeon and dragons stuff and all the marvel and DC you can handle.† This was a lowlight vertical panorama. :)

Then came the itch to go to Barnes and NobleÖ where I found a dude reading tabloids.

Not sure why dudes reading tabloids amuses me, but it does.

I bought my dad one last christmas gift then went home and gave my two fatties some live catnip from the pet store.

All in all a good day, and a fun first-day run with my new pocketable picture beast!

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