New York Skylines

New York City’s iconic skyline is worth a view every time I fly in. This time we went both in the morning, and at sunset. It was worth it to see the different gradients of color and light clothe the city. Continue Reading

The Butlers’ Fireworks Show

Our small group friends Thomas and Noke put on an amazing fireworks show at their home this year. I brought my camera and caught a few of the explosions. I hope Jeremy and I can have a similar tradition once we have a larger home in the future! It sure was fun!

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Chihuly in the Garden

Chihuly in the Garden is back in Atlanta. I remember my first year in college, at Georgia State University, when Chihuly in the Garden first came to Atlanta. It was a good experience to see such synthetic shapes mix in with the natural elements of the garden. I was excited when they announced that Chihuly had chosen to do new installations this year and went with my parents. :)  We took lots of photos!

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Amicalola Falls State Park

This weekend we spent the entirety of Saturday in North Georgia. Between rainshowers we hiked up the incline and then the subsequent 500 steps. It was good to get some exercise as life changes lately have cost me my usual exercise time.  The showers kept the temperature down and we got to enjoy some nice cloud cover and excellent water throughput on the falls.  Check out all the photos!

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Purple Haze

I’m reminded of the blessing of having a very multifaceted life when I look at my ring shots. Something about the moments I take at weddings and engagement sessions to focus on this little physical detail which encompasses at once the eternity of the promise as well as the earthbound nature of it’s whisperers.
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Spring Birds in Roswell

Jeremy and I stopped by our friends’ Val & Sam’s home in Roswell this morning. One of my favorite things about their home is the forest in their backyard and the well appointed bird-attracting things that are everywhere within it. I brought my new lens in hopes that I’d get to use it and I was not disappointed.

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“The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being,”

Carl Jung


Spring in Duluth

Winter always feels long and dreary here in Georgia. I always blame my South Indian genetics for why I feel the way I do about winter but really, who loves dead trees over greenery and flowers? Who loves blistering cold to balmy weather and short sleeves?

My husband that’s who.  Anyway, too bad Jeremy, victory is mine (for a few months)!

We went back to one of our favorite springtime haunts: McDaniel Farm Park. I got to do some long-deserved shooting.  Enjoy the flowers with me!
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Providence Canyon

In the middle west of Georgia, just at the border of Alabama lies an unexpected geological feature. Canyons are rare in the southeast. Those that mimic the visual impact of a much larger western cousin, the Grand Canyon, are even more so. We went with our friends Val & Sam to explore!

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Red Shouldered Hawk

The weather this weekend in Georgia was spectacular. We enjoyed a good hike up Sawnee mountain yesterday and today, with the temperature hitting 70, we spent a pleasant couple of hours at McDaniel Farm Park. Continue Reading